OEM Manufacturing

“Smart products built on the experience of smart people”

Designing with Expertise

We have the expertise to incorporate electronic data acquisition and functional logic control systems into our process equipment and machine designs. We have many proprietary design files in house and ready for production for the industries we serve. Reproductions or derivatives from these designs can be generated quickly and manufactured to cover a wide range of applications.

Design pedigrees and certifications from agencies such as ASME, API, DNV, UN, DOT, UL, CE, USCG, IMO, RID/ADR to name a few familiar to us. All pertinent quality assurance documentation, operation manuals, maintenance manuals, warranties and spare parts manuals are items routinely supplied with our manufactured products. Reliability and performance testing with appropriate documentation and witness is also standard.

Our manufactured products list includes, but is not limited to:

  • A full line of UN transportable vessels ranging in size from 1,000 to 5,000 gallons for the transportation of hazardous materials anywhere in the world.
  • Cement, barite, sand and powder bulk material handling systems and plant facilities, manufactured and installed on a turnkey basis where applicable.
  • Modular acid and hazardous liquid storage, mixing and metering systems and plant facilities manufactured and installed on a turnkey basis where applicable.
  • A complete line of oil field equipment for land based and offshore applications world wide including acid blenders, frac blenders, mixers, power packs, chemical injection systems, cement mixing and pumping systems, propant storage and delivery systems, acid storage and delivery systems, data collection and control systems.
  • Mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic powered systems for conveyance, rotation, lifting and pulling.
  • Integrated electronic data acquisition and control systems for process equipment and mechanical assemblies.

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