A successful HSE program is the trademark of a successful company. The ground we walk on, the air we breathe and well-being of our friends and coworkers are of paramount importance to us.

Employees Are Key

Our working environments are safe, clean, efficient and always environmentally friendly. Our HSE group is responsible for the well being of all employees and their families in addition to environmental security of all corporate assets. At SMI we take a proactive approach to this challenge. Education and training begins the first day of employment and continue throughout the career of all SMI personnel.

The many disciplines our company offers always present new challenges, but also afford us the opportunity to create efficient means to master them. We create work environments that suit our workforce and have taken the time to understand which environments make the best fit for different individuals.

The Human Resources Department engages all employees in meaningful dialogue that includes their preferred working hours and schedules, the necessary skill sets for different areas of the company, past experience and areas of interest. With this knowledge we are able to set the individual on a career path that will promote his/her maximum success potential.

The Indicators Prove Our Success

SMI Companies Experience Modifier (E-Mod) and Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) are maintained well below industry averages for consecutive years running. If you are interested in hearing more about our program and results, use the General Inquiries email link via the Contact Us page on this website.

We are pleased to share our success with you and to learn more about yours.